an ode to goat cheese
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welcomeMy name is Nina and I am addicted to goat cheese. “Hi Nina.” I love all cheeses, but there is nothing like goat cheese. Yes, the weird name might turn you off at first, but the taste is just amazing. Adding a little bit of goat cheese can really make the taste of an average meal transform into a completely new experience. One ingredient can go a long way.

This website was created to dedicate my love for goat cheese. You can find an assortment of breakfast, lunch, appetizer and dinner recipes, with goat cheese obviously being the man of the hour. I am by no means a chef, so bare with me. I am just an average college student who cooks sometimes for fun instead of living off frozen dinners for the next 4 years.

goat cheese picture

It’s incredible how many different recipes can be found with this cheese. It’s mostly popular in Europe, but the United States is quickly catching on. Because it is a little rare to find a goat cheese related meal at every restaurant, I get most of my goat cheese fixes through different blogs and their recipes.

One of my favorite food blogs is The Grizzly Kitchen, and I was actually able to talk to the Grizzly herself to get her knowledgeable food opinion on goat cheese. This is what she had to say.

"Goat cheese might be the perfect ingredient. Much of it's appeal lies in its versatility. It can be eaten alone, with a condiment, used as a spread, cooked in or with a variety of foods, with pastries, or even in a variety desserts. The fact that it tastes absolutely divine, with its luscious creaminess and tangy flavor, makes it the best cheese the world has to offer."
-Ashley Pardo, The Grizzly Kitchen blogger

Not only is this cheese amazingly delicious and versatile, but it is actually better and healthier for you than cow’s milk cheeses. Goat cheese is lower in fat and calories, boosts your metabolism, and is good for your brain. For more health related facts on goat cheese, check out the World’s Healthiest Website.