an ode to goat cheese
appetize me

fried goat cheese

I first discovered this dish at a restaurant in Miami called Sugarcane. They were called goat cheese croquettas, but that is basically just fried goat cheese. We all know everything tastes better fried, let alone goat cheese!
Total cooking time: 20 minutes


(8 servings)


1. Put the panko in a medium-sized bowl.

2. Add the parsley, thyme, granulated garlic,flour ground white pepper, and salt.

3. Slice the goat cheese. You can leave them sliced or roll them into little balls.

4. Dip them in beaten egg, and coat them in the seasoned panko breadcrumbs.

5. Let them fry in a little olive oil until crispy.

6. Die happy.

7. Share with your guests!