A Foray Into YA

If you're going to love YA, there's a few things you'll need to know.

Where to Get Books

  • The first, and arguably most popular, source is Amazon.com. It may seem scary to navigate such an extensive marketplace, but this means you have options: a simple search for "young adult books" yields 206,213 results. Search results can be sorted by the awards they've won (for YA, look for Michael L. Printz winners), language, series, author and format.

  • Of course, you don't have to buy them. Libraries are a great way to enjoy reading without spending big bucks (find one nearby by using this search from the National Center for Education Statistics). Plus, libraries eliminate the risk factor - go ahead and check out that book you're not sure is worth the money. Explore different genres; it's free!

  • No matter which method you choose, do not pirate books. Not only is it illegal, the authors don't like it.

What People are Saying

  • This article from the Wall Street Journal called YA books the source of darkness in young readers' lives. Many YA authors responded angrily, saying that the reporter was judging a genre based on a few choice novels.

  • This New York Times story focused on the parent problems displayed in YA books. The reporter gives a short history of the theme, leaving the reader to decide: is it exaggerated, or is it reality?

  • Libraries are notorious for banning YA books due to inappropriate content. As a response, the American Library Association hosts a Banned Books Week each year. This story lists a few banned books and explores the reasoning behind it.

How to Read (the Right Way)

  • I've created a video so you can learn how to read effectively. Good luck!

Other Resources

  • Teenreads.com posts reviews, interviews and features about new and old YA releases, making it a great resource for any fan who wants to keep up with the news.

  • Author Maureen Johnson has a constantly updated Twitter on which she communicates with other YA authors, details her experiences at YA events and tweets about her reactions to happenings in the YA world. Plus, she's just funny.

  • The Young Adult Library Services Association annually publishes a list of the best books and media. The association provides printable spine labels, bookplates, bookmarks. It even breaks down the list by category - graphic novels, audiobooks and paperbacks included.