A Foray Into YA

What's this "YA" you keep referring to? Are you just misspelling "yay?" I mean, come on, I'm not that excited.

YA is an affectionate acronym for young adult literature, which refers to fiction written about (and for) adolescents and young adults, meaning people ages roughly 15 to 25. Although the Young Adult Library Services of the American Library Association defines "young adult" as someone between ages 12 and 18, YA lit is not just marketed to those age groups. Anyone can read and enjoy YA lit, and many do.

Me, Julia Glum, at the New York Public Library.

Hold up a second. What are your qualifications?

I'm Julia Glum, your fearless leader and avid reader. While I'm no librarian, I'm an aspiring author. And, of course, I love YA books. My favorite is Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.

What counts as YA lit?

Any book with a main character aged 15 to 25. YA books have the same fundamental elements that regular fiction books do, including plot, setting, theme and style, but the subject matter varies. YA literature typically showcases the challenges that teenagers endure, including sexuality, self- discovery and romance. However, it's important to recognize that YA isn't constrained to those - everything from Catcher in the Rye to Harry Potter can be considered YA lit.

That's great news. But what's the deal with this website?

This site is designed to help readers interested in YA get their footing. I'll tell you which books to read, who you need to know and how to the get the most out of your experience. It was designed (and hand-coded) for my MMC3260 class at UF.

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