Finding a bike

You can complete a triathlon on any type of bike, but if you plan on making competing in triathlons a long-term hobby, you may want to invest in a road bike, the most efficient type of bike for road racing, according to cycle photo by Suneil Basu

Bikes can be pricy, but you don't have to spend a couple thousand dollars to successfully complete a triathlon. For a couple hundred dollars, you can find a decent road bike, and it doesn't necessarily need to be new. Check to find a used bike in your area.

Rules of the road

USA Triathlon enforces cycling rules during races. Be prepared, and know them before you mount your bike.

Cycling safety

Your training will probably include riding on roads with traffic, so it is important to take safety precautions.

Some precautions to take, according to

Maintaining your bike is also important to ensure your safety. Learn how to keep your bike in tip-top condition.

Race day

The swim is complete, and you run to your transition area to prepare to mount your bike. Make the transition easier with these tips from

Make sure your tires are pumped up to the correct pressure

The correct pressure is indicated on the side of the tire. You should put air in your tires each time you ride.

Pace yourself

Don't sprint up hills and through the wind; you will just tire yourself out. Try to maintain a steady cadence throughout the entire leg of the race. You will need the energy for the run.

Hydrate and fuel up

Don't forget to hydrate throughout your race. It's easiest to hydrate while you ride, and you will need the energy boost for the run.