Just Tri

Why Tri?

Swim, bike and run? Think there's absolutely no way you can do it? Think again! You can. In fact, anyone can with the right mindset, training and determination. All it takes is the first jump in the pool, ride on a bike or run on the track. Combining three sports may seem daunting at first, but once you start training, you will be signed up for a race before you know it.

Three reasons to start training now:

Get in Shape

Triathlon start

Triathlon training reaps total-body benefits. See the benefits with lean arms, toned legs and a strong core.

Beat workout boredom

Running day in and day out is hard on the body and repetitive. Keep exercise different and exciting by challenging yourself to three different sports. You won't dread your workouts; you will look forward to them.

Feel a sense of camaraderie

Find a triathlon group to keep you accountable and motivated. Workouts will be fun, and you share a sense of enthusiasm with others for the sport. You have instant friendships with interesting, fitness-minded people.