Types of Paper and Their Uses

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Finish: Surface texture of the paper, such as coated and uncoated

  • Wove or Smooth -- smooth, uncoated
  • Laid -- textured lines on surface (ex. business cards)
  • Linen -- fine, textured lines (ex. business stationary)
  • Laser -- compatible with laser printers
  • Coated -- waxy finish (shiny or matte)
  • Uncoated -- untreated surface (dull and unreflective)
  • Coated on One Side -- coating on one side and dull on the other (ex. poster board)
  • Coated on Two Sides -- coating on both sides

Weight: Thickness of the paper

Opacity: Determined by the paper's weight, ingredients, and absorbancy; determines how much print will show

Brightness: Measures the percentage of a wavelength of blue light the paper reflects; affects readability, ink perception, and contrast of print

Offset: Book or text paper; can be coated or uncoated

Cover: Heavy in weight and not easy to fold (book covers, business cards, postcards, and greeting cards)

Tag: Dense paper that is strong, durable, and water resistant (clothing tags, price tags, etc.)

Index: Stiff, somewhat thick, inexpensive, smooth-finished paper (index cards and folders)

Information used from: Charlotte's Web Studios.