This website is dedicated to crafting with paper for visitors with any level of crafting knowledge. Since the most common crafts utilize scrapbooking paper, this website will explore unconventional ways to utilize other types of paper in addition to scrapbooking paper.

As an avid "DIY" (Do It Yourself) crafter, I love recycling materials to make homemade gifts or for my own personal use. This website will provide you with three types of paper crafting projects in video tutorial form with three crafting experts. The Beginner Project shows you how to make gift boxes out of recycled greeting cards. The Intermediate Project illustrates how to make a picture frame using Mod Podge and scrapbooking paper. And, the final Advanced Project describes the process of creating a headband out of magazine paper. If you would like to learn more about types of paper materials and their uses as well as additional resources for crafting, visit the Materials page. Visit About the Author for more information on Dana Edwards.

Happy Crafting!