The Basics Behind Gator Gaming

Here's the scoop on being a Gator Gamer

Hello there!

My name is Shaneece Dixon and I am a senior majoring in Journalism at the University of Florida.

As an aspiring journalist, I am always interested in learning more and more about the people in closest proximity to me. So it's no wonder that I tend to focus on issues that are popular among students at UF.

During my brief time here at the University of Florida, I have encountered many different people with particular interests. Among these many interests, I noticed that there are a significant number of students here who enjoy gaming.

Maid Cafe
This is a group from UF's student organization, the Gator Anime Club.

And by gaming, I mean everything from video games to roleplaying games to card tournaments. In fact, not only are these students interested in games like this, but a lot of them also enjoying watching anime, or Japanese animation, and reading mangas, or Japanese comics.

So this website is dedicated to capturing the activities and interests of these student gamers. Hope you enjoy the site (and perhaps learn a thing or two).