Exercise and the Gator Girl

There are many places on the University of Florida campus for women to stay fit. Here, it is easy to maintain a healthy exercise routine.

Student Recreation & Fitness Center

Student Rec Center

Student Rec is located on the university's main campus next to the Racquet Club Dining Center, which is on Fletcher Dr. next to the Student Health Care Center.

For students who live on campus or don't want to have to take the bus to go to a gym, the Student Rec Center is the ideal place to go. This is a good choice if you prefer to workout in a smaller facility with less people.

According to RecSports, the center contains:

Southwest Recreation Center

Southwest Rec Center

A bigger, newer facility with more to offer students, Southwest Rec is located on Hull Road. Unless you have a UF decal, you cannot park near the facility until after 3:30 pm. Therefore, you may likely have to take the bus.

It will be worth it, however, because this recreation center offers:

Southwest Rec and the Gator Girl

This is an interview I conducted with a memeber of the Fitness Assessment Center for ladies interested in finding out a little more about the facility.