Being a Healthy Gator Girl

Are you a healthy Gator Girl?

In order to create a solution, you must identify the problem. In order to become a healthy Gator Girl, you must recognize the signs of being unhealthy.

Here are some questions to consider:

If you answered no to any of these questions, you should definitely take a look at this website.

The pitfalls of college life

As college students we get up early, stay up late and either don't have time to eat healthy or can't afford it. Plus, when we do eat it's for convenience and nutrition rarely plays into our decision making. We are also faced with the stress of homework, tests, social obligations and the problems of every day life without mom and dad nearby to give us a hand. It's no wonder our health suffers.

My personal experience

I am currently I sophomore at UF and over the past two years have learned that with college life comes a whole new lifestyle. Last year, I ate mainly from the dining halls which meant mainly pizza. Sometimes I would go weeks before realizing that I hadn't had any milk or anything green in a long time. As a result, my health has suffered and I have had to make some changes. Through my research for this website, I have learned how to make myself a healthier person so I can enjoy my college experience here at UF even more.

My site is targeted at Gator Girls aged 18 to 25. Here you will find links to places to get health and nutrition information and places to exercise. I will also provide you with information about what to eat and how much of it. As well as explain the importance of staying hydrated.