Entrepreneurship in Gainesville

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Innovation Hub Fosters Entrepreneurship in Gainesville

Gainesville's attempt at becoming the Silicon Valley of the East.

Entrepreneurship is a culture that is currently enjoying a large amount of public spotlight. Never has there been a time when young students - as young as 16 - believe they can build something greater than their elders. It's an exciting time to live in, and the newly developed Innovation Hub in Gainesville, FL seeks to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship that's sweeping the nation.

According the Innovation Hub's website, the Innovation Hub "was created to serve as catalyst for startup companies whose technologies emanated from laboratories at the University of Florida and throughout the state." Now, that doesn't mean only science startups can be accepted into the Hub. Feathr, a communication application for mobile phones currently does business from within the Hub. If you have an idea, the resources, but without an office, send an application in to the Hub.

A lengthy tour of the Innovation Hub allowed me to marvel at the exquisite design of the building. Covering 48,000-square-feet, the Hub holds plenty of offices and workspaces, which are filling up very quickly. And being only a few blocks away from the University of Florida campus, the Hub is great if you're looking to connect with the local student body.

To learn more about the Innovation Hub, you can visit their website. You can also take a look at some of the current tenants, stay up to date with some of the multiple events planned at the hub, or read the latest news.