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Interview with Feathr

Feathr is the future of seamless, interpersonal networking.

Despite the advent of the digital age, business cards have stubbornly remained paper-based. Feathr seeks to change that.

Led by Aidan Augustin, Neal Ormsbee and Gabriel Busto, Feathr is attempting to revolutionize the way we connect with each other. Using the mobile platform, Feathr is an app that lets you create a business card that follows you wherever you go. Feathr cards are customizable, easy to share, and stored on the cloud.

Get the Feathr app when it's released by signing up at the Feathr homepage. Track Feathr's prgress on Facebook and follow Feathr on Twitter.

Raw transcript of our conversation

Mike: OK, I'm here with:

Aidan: Aidan Augustin, the CEO of Feathr.

Gabriel: Gabriel Busto, the CIO of Feathr.

Neal: Neal Ormsbee, the CTO of Feathr.

Mike: Nice to meet you guys. For those who don't know, please explain what Feathr is.

Aidan: Feathr is a smartphone application streamlining the business contact information exchange. In the place of business cards, which you have to give you to people, take home, sort through, manually type in the information, we're replacing that with a seamless digital sharing experience, right from my smartphone to yours.

Mike: What's one walk-away feature of your app? Let's say someone hears about Feathr through your website or Twitter, what's one feature you're really pushing for them to remember?

Aidan: Everything is interactive. So it's not just a business card that you have to look at and do something with later. Everything will automatically sync with your information in your phone, in your computer, in your Outlook. It's one click to call, text, or email. It's one click to do anything. It's actionable, is the word I was saying.

Neal: Very easily actionable. And encourages people to become better networkers.

Mike: What makes you different from other apps in the communication niche like CardMunch, and apps of that nature?

Aidan: CardMunch is focused just on the intake of business cards. They let you snap a picture, and it will strip out the info and stick it into your phone. However, we're focused on sharing. So you can create and exchange this beautiful, interactive business card, and share it, give it to other people and they're more likely to act upon your information and follow up. That's the biggest difference between us and CardMunch. The other ones: Bump, CardFlick, and CardCloud, the other main players in the space, they all require both parties to have the app installed ahead of time. So a big feature of ours is that you can share it to anybody, on any platform, even if they have never heard of it before.

Mike: How has the innovation hub benefited your company's development? It's a new type of building, the whole idea is incubation...

Gabriel: We've got a place to stay and work. It's better than just working on a ping-pong table. They also have bunch of really cool, important people coming through. So, honestly it's more about the networking than anything else.

Neal: That's true. The exposure is good. We've had a chance to meet a lot of people. Some are venture capital firms, some are law firms in the building so it's good to meet people like that. Just early today, there was a congressman who came through for the networking breakfast and things like that. So it's really just good opportunities for exposure, and to have resources and contacts. More too for the technical side for us is to meet developers who have done this before and can help us along the way.

Aidan: Especially being 21-years old, we never would meet these professional, experienced people in the wild, so to speak. So being here, we have that chance.

Mike: What else makes up an entrepreneur in your mind?

Aidan: Well the biggest one is the willingness to take the leap. There are a lot of smart, talented people in the world who don't have the confidence or don't have the vision to work towards something. Like Gabriel said before, having something to work towards.

Mike: Where can people find you if they're interested in learning more about Feathr.

Aidan: Feathrapp.com.

Mike: OK, guys that it, thank you for the time. Anything else you wanted to say?

Aidan: Stay soaring.