Entrepreneurship in Gainesville

Covering local Gainesville startups and the student entrepreneurs that start them.

Celebrating student entrepreneurship in Gainesville, FL ...

A brief look into the Gainesville startup scene

When I arrived to the University of Florida, I was surprised to see how present the ideals of entrepreneurship were. Entering my third year, I see a number of my friends and colleagues beginning the trek in starting their own businesses.

I began this website with the intention of it becoming a hub for young entrepreneurs in the Gainesville area to learn more about the local startup scene, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and be inspired.

You can watch my video interviews with student-founded startup companies GreekSquad and Feathr, read my article about the Innovation Hub in Gainesville, or shoot me an email.

Innovation Hub

Learn about the Innovation Hub

Entrepreneurship is a culture that is currently enjoying a large amount of public spotlight.

It's an exciting time to live in, and the newly developed Innovation Hub in Gainesville, FL seeks to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship that's sweeping the nation.


Interview With GreekSquad

GreekSquad is a set of recruitment tools designed to assist fraternities and sororities attract potential members.

Learn more about founders Sammy Quershi and Harris Beha, as we discuss the future of GreekSquad, mobile applications, and more.


Interview With Feathr

Despite the advent of the digital age, business cards have stubbornly remained paper-based. Feathr seeks to change that.

Led by Aidan Augustin, Neal Ormsbee and Gabriel Busto, Feathr is attempting to revolutionize the way we connect with each other.