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If you are interested in shooting video the Canon brand DSLRs (from my experience) is the way to go. Although there is Nikon model DSLRs with video capabilities, the Canon DSLRs seem to be a step ahead in the race when it comes to capturing video. Starting off with entry-level Canon T2i. With this DSLR you are able to record in 1080p resolution and also at 60 frames per second. The T2i comes up to about $600. The next level of expertise some would say is the T3i. The T3i doesn’t have much of a difference from the T2i besides having the LCD on a swivel making it easier to view what your recording when the camera is positioned in awkward states. I am a Canon T3i owner and the swivel screen is valuable to me since I am a frequent video shooter. This addition is a nice step toward making Canon DSLRs more video friendly. The next is Canon brands are more professional base. The Canon 60D and the Canon 7D both are capable at shooting at 1080p and 60 frames per second as well. There is not much of a difference in the two especially compared with the T2i and T3i. Video wise these cameras are pretty much the same.

The 60D and T3i are capable of monitoring audio on its own unlike the T2i and the 7D. But other than that there is not much of a difference especially one that’s worth hundreds of dollars. The 60D will run you $1,100 while the 7D does for $1,500. I was confused when I first attempted to purchase a DSLR and I learned that T2i, T3i, 60D, and 7D were very much alike when it comes to capturing videos but was separated in price by hundreds of dollars. The 60D and 7D have faster continuous burst on the photography end but video wise they were the same to me.

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A scene from the movie Iron Man 2

I settled for the T3i, which was the newest at the time and had the swivel screen and audio monitoring capabilities. I saved hundreds of dollars and was able to invest in good lens. Then there is the Canon 5D and 1D. These are the cameras that filmmakers who are serious about good quality picture invest in. The Canon 5D has a full frame sensor making it possible to let in more light making video look more pleasing. This camera actually does have quality over the others that can be seen physically. There is a Canon 5D mark1, mark2, and recently a mark3. The mark2 is the DSLR that has made its stamp in the film industry. Movies such as Iron Man 2 had scenes that were shot using the Canon 5D mark2. The 5D however lacks the swivel screen, which I believe is very helpful for video shooters. The 5D mark2 will go for about $2,500.

The Canon 1D is another professional DSLR that isn’t really video base, but more of a photographer’s pick. With its continuous burst of 11 frames per second when taking still images it definitely leaves the other DSLRs behind, by far. The 1D is the most expensive Canon DSLR going for $7,000. So are these 2 DSLRs worth the hundreds to thousands of dollars extra it is to buy them compared to my T3i? I would say no. Someone with the money to spend would probably invest in a 5D or 1D or someone who shot sports invests like NFL or NBA games where you need fast continues burst. But for the consumer who wants to be equipped similarly to how the pros are, but at the same time safe a whole lot of money, the T3i is the way to go. That is after all what DSLRs are all about. Giving you good quality at a fraction of the price of industry standard cameras.

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