What I am mostly concerned about whenever I’m purchasing a product is will I get the most out of what I am buying or will I over spend by buying a product in which I will never use all its components to use. Lets face the facts here. Not every one needs to shoot high quality videos, or utilize 18 mega pixels. Some folks just want to capture their child’s first steps at the beach or take pictures with their friends on a field trip so they can savor the memory. A simple point and shoot camera would do the job a big percentage of the time.

Nikon vs Canon brand

But what about if you want to shoot wildlife images and have the possibility to zoom in for a close up shot, or what if you are shooting sports and need to capture images at a high frame per second rate. There are certain capabilities that certain DSLRs have that other cameras lack.

Over a dozen companies located all over the world manufacture DSLRS. The biggest brands and most popular on the market today are the Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus and Sigma brands. As I stated before a big role in DSLRs popularity come in part that they are able to shoot still images at high quality and also shoot high quality video. There are only 2 brands out of my list of most popular DSLR brands that have successfully integrated both video and photo into their DSLR. Those 2 brands are Nikon and Canon. These 2 DSLR brands are widely used and largely preferred over the other brands. Nikon and Canon have continued to go above and beyond the expectations of DSLR users. Not to say the other DSLR brands are deprecated, but a serious DSLR user would choose either the Nikon or the Canon brands.

The Nikon and the Canon brands do have their strengths and weaknesses. Some may not as far to call it a weakness, however the Nikon brand DSLRs sometimes lack some functions depending on the model of the DSLR. These functions may be found in the Canon brands depending on the model. The same goes for the Canon brands. They might lack a function that Nikon is more suitable to carry out. I have heard a lot of photographers say they prefer Nikon over Canon brand DSLRs, but I’ve also heard a lot of people who capture video say they prefer Canon over Nikon brands. Both brands can play a bigger part depending on certain situations where a specific task is needed.

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