As time progresses we have seen a shift in media and the convergence era has enabled people from all over the world to take on the self-titled roles journalist, filmmaker and even actor. With the popularity of cell phones that are capable of capturing video, websites like YouTube, Vimeo and even Facebook people are finding it easier to acquire the necessities to become involved in media on a global scale. One form of technology that plays an important role in the convergence era has made it easier for aspiring filmmakers to pick up a camera and shoot high quality videos budget wise.

1000 DSLRs of all sorts. Sony Olympus, Canon, Nikon and much more.

From companies such as Sony and Canon, DSLRs(Digital single-lens reflex cameras) have hit the market and have become extremely popular amongst professionals and consumers. Compared to industry standard cameras such as the Red One by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company and the Arri Alexa by the Arri Group inc. DSLRs are capable of producing quality that rivals these cinematic production cameras all while saving you tens of thousands of dollars. The Red One camera which was used to shoot the likes of movies such as “District 9” 2009 would cost $20,000 dollars for the body only, no lenses, tripod or any other peripherals included. Once you purchase a tripod and a camera lens for the Red One you are looking at a sum of over $50,000 that’s including the Red One body.

The Canon DSLR T3i which made its debut first quarter 2011 has made DSLRs even more consumer friendly while offering industry worthy picture. The T3i known as the EOS 600D in Europe and the Kiss x5 in Asia is capable of recording in 1080p and offers up to 60 frames per second video recording. The Canon T3i, for the body alone will run you no more the $800. With a lens that would surely cost less then a lens for the Red One camera that goes for a tripod too, you looking at paying a sum of $1,500- 2,000.

DSLRs are known for their high video quality, but are also capable of taking still images at large pixel rates. The Canon T3i along with its predecessor the Canon T2i, which will run you $600, both take 18 mega pixels still images, which any photographer will tell you, is very acceptable.

Now that you are knowledgeable about the use of DSLRs and why they are so popular amongst consumers today, the next question your probably asking is which DSLR is the one for me. This website is designed to explore the options you have when choosing a DSLR for a specific purpose. Whether is for shooting movies or short stories, shooting music videos, taking pictures of wild life or shooting home videos of your family.

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