College Town Cat

Owning a cat can be difficult in a college town. With roommates, nights out and small apartments, there can sometimes be little time to bond with a cat. This guide presents ways to help college students find a cat, and raise it to be a happy and healthy pet--even in a college town atmosphere like Gainesville.

Pietro the Cat

Before picking out a breed or making the trip to your nearest pet store, you need to make sure you are able to own a cat. Make sure to ask your roommate if they are ready to make the commitment to owning a new pet. Although they are cute and cuddly, kittens can be a handful, and it gets even harder when your roommate does not get along with your new friend.

After you do decide that owning a cat is a good decision, you should start preparing for your new cat. The below checklist is a good start to making your home ready for your kitty!

New Cat Checklist