What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a body-conditioning program that focuses on the strength of the human body.

The aim is to reach broad and general fitness, by strengthening every part of the human body. This prepares trainees for any type of physical activity.

Workouts are mainly focused on three things:

  1. High-intensity exercises.
  2. Functional movements, which refers to those exercises that are performed by contracting the core first and then the extremities. These movements are compound, which means they are multi-joint. Functional movements achieve the three abilities any workout wants to achieve: lift heavy loads, develop endurance, and develop speed.
  3. The variation of the daily workouts, so that no workout is repeated in at least two months. By doing this, the body never stops getting stronger because it never adapts to a workout.

CrossFit is designed for anyone, even children. Workouts are tailored depending on the characteristics of every individual.

In some cases, the number of repetitions is lowered so that trainees have an achievable goal to meet. This specially happens in the case of new trainees.

In other cases, the amount of weight is lowered, so that trainees are able to lift the weight assigned to them and complete a workout. This mainly happens during the first couple of months of doing CrossFit workouts.