Cheerleading 101

basket toss

High School Cheer Season

The cheerleading season officially begins in the summer with cheer camp. Cheer camp is where every team learns their competition routine and recieves their routine music for the year. After leaving the week long camp, the cheerleaders are required to rehearse the routine until the first day of school when cheer practice begins. This is also when the teams start preparing for football season.

The returning cheerleaders must teach all the new girls/boys the football cheers and line dances. This is taught for about a week and then the teams stricly stick to rehearsing football cheers and chants and the routine is pushed aside for a bit. The teams also practice their stunts because stunting is always performed during football games to get a rise out of the crowd.

Once football season is over the teams jump right into basketball season. ALl new cheers and chants are taught got the basketball games. Stunting is still a main focus because the teams will stunt at basketball games during half time.

Once basketball season is over, the teams have about two months to practice their competition routines until competiton season begins. This is when real practice starts and everyone gets serious. Practice goes from Monday through Thursday to Monday through Saturday with three hours of practice per day. High school teams usually do two competitions per year.