Cheerleading 101

basket toss


High V
This motion is called a "high V"

low V
This motion is called a "low V"

This motion is called a "tee/T"

This motion is called a "Touch Down"

right diagonal
This motion is called a "right diagonal"

left diagonal
This motion is called a "left diagonal"

These are just a few examples of the many cheerleading motions used in routines and cheers. First things first, the body of a cheerleader should be "tight" and perfectly in place. A motion is no good with "spaghetti arms" according to coach, Melissa Johnson. The mussels in the arms should be squeezed at all times making the motion as stiff as possible. Wrists are not to be bent or "broken" and the fists should be tightly clenched. The thumb cannot stick out nor be tucked under the fingers. It is firmly holding squeezing the fingers.

motions consist of "big cinnamon buns and little cinnamon buns." If you notice in the pictures, for example the high and low "V", my big cinnamon buns are out. Meaning my fists are turned outward. In the touch down my little cinnamon buns are out, meaning my fists are turned inward.

Motions are to be sharp and quick. In the cheer world, there is not a number larger than 8. The routines and cheers are counted out 1 through 8 always. However fast the coach or captain is counting is how fast the motions should be going."