Cheerleading 101

basket toss


Jumps are a way for cheerleaders to show their flexibility and strength. There are a variety of jumps some of which are very creative. The main jumps that every cheerleader knows are: the toe touch, the pike, the herkie, the hurdler, and the tuck.

There are also motions that go along with jumps. To first learn how to jump correctly, one should start by standing with their feet together and hands in a high V. The height in a jump comes from the power in your legs so you will need to bend down as if youre going to sit in a chair swing your arms down to form an "X" infront of your knees. This is when you will jump up bringing your knees to your chest and arms back to a high v. The landing should always "stick" meaning you will land back in the chair like position with your arms squeezed by your side

The basic motions described above stay the same for almost every jump. What changes is the leg placement. For the toe touch, everything stays the same only the legs spread forming a split in the air, the arms hit the tee motion and the toes are pointed.

To master the pike jump you will keep the same form as before when going to jump but you will bring both legs in front of you like you are sitting in a chair. Your arms and legs should be parallel to the ground with toes pointed. Included in the second video will be examples of pikes, herkies and hurdlers.

Jumps are often combined together. Routines are usually made of double toe touches. Any jump can be combined together and there is no limitation on how many jumps are done. Just remember to stay tight!