Cheerleading 101

basket toss

"Wimps lift Weights, Cheerleaders lift People" ~ Author Stephanie, PA, USA

Cheerleading is a sport that can be learned as early as the tender age of three. It builds confidence, character, spirit, respect, strength, discipline and so much more. This is a coed sport, anyone and everyone can join.

Some of the requirements to being a cheerleader are to be a LEADER, have a positive attitude, and to always wear a smile. Cheerleaders can have a huge impact on their communities, schoool, and friends. It's important to be a great role model for others.

Technically there are different branches of cheerleading but the roots are the same. All cheerleaders need to know their motions, jumps, and stunts. The difference lies within tumbling. The combination of all these skills creates the 2 minute and 30 second routine that every cheerleader depends on winning 1st place with.

Competitions are what a cheerleader eats, sleeps, and breathes. Everything learned and practiced throughout the year gets put to the test during competition season. In an interview with coach, Melissa Johnson, and her team of cheerleaders, they explained "everything we work so hard for pays off when we hit the competiton floor and win first place."

Cheerleading has different levels which depends on the skills of the team as a whole. Level 1 is usually the ages of 3 to 10 because this level is the most restricted as far as what the team can execute in their routine. Level 10 is the most difficult leaving way for the team to do what ever they are capapble of.The rules and levels are designed by USASF. These are the Cheerleading rules

of 2012.