Cheerleading 101

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High School Cheer

High school cheerleading is focused in many different areas. There are pep rallies and school performances that the cheerleaders always take part in. It's a way to spark student involvement. Then the football season begins, soon to follow is basketball, and then competition season.

High school cheerleading relies heavily on involvement and dedication to the team and school. This means you never miss practice or school functions. It is very important for cheerleaders to lead their peers away from outside negativity and more to student organizations.

High school cheerleaders have squads that are split by Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The uniforms are the school colors and they fully cover the stomach. The skirts have to be mid-thigh

Most high schools require the cheer squads to pay for a new uniform every year. This gets very expensive. The uniform its self costs close to 500 dollars and new shoes are required as well. Along with purchasing a new uniform, cheerleaders must purchase practice wear. To cheer for high school it usually costs roughly 1,000 dollars including competition fees.

The school makes it easy to find sponsors to help pay for the cheerleading expenses. There is a form that is passed out that states "if you wish to sponsor this cheerleader, you will recieve a tax deduction and the name of your company will be advertised at all football and baseball games." This gives many companies an incentive to sponser.