Cheerleading 101

basket toss


Conditioning is crucial in cheerleading. In order to acheive higher jumps, tighter motions, and stronger tumbling and stunts conditioning is a must. Examples of conditioning

There is no certain part of the body that needs more attention than the other. developing a strong core, arms, and legs will improve all skills in cheerleading. Some great examples of conditioning are: planks and situps for the core, pushups and pull ups for upper body strength, lunges and high kicks for the legs.

For jumps to improve, rubber bands tied around the ankles and ankle weights are great accessories to add to conditioning. Motion drills can condition the arms. The drills consisit of repeating motions over and over until the placement is perfect. These are just a few creative ways to condition the body specifically designed for improving each area.

Stretching is also a form of conditioning. This is also extremely crucial in cheerleading. The muscles are repeatedly ripped down from all the training that stretching is essential for repair.