Cheerleading 101

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AllStar Cheerleading

AllStar cheerleading takes place in a gym usually paired with gymnastics. These teams are divided up by skill and age. The teams are divided by tiny, mini, youth, junior, and senior levels. There is an age cap on each team but there is no floor, meaning an 8-year-old may join the 14-year-olds on the junior level if the skils are mature enough.

There is a requirement for high level dedication. In the past, Allstar gyms would have issues with kids walking on the teams and then quitting mid season. This was easy for people to do because the gym was not their school they attended every day. It was easy to get out of habit.

The cheerleading uniform for AllStar cheer usually does not cover the stomach. It is a half uniform. Gyms can do this because they are not run by the school board. Generally, AllStar cheer is much more expensive than high school. The uniforms are reused each year but the cost to attend the gym is fairly high and these teams go to at least 10 competitions a year. With the competition fees and the gym fees, it's roughly 3,000 dollars to cheer per year with a gym.

Sponsorship opportunities are out there for AllStar cheerleaders. There is a form that is passed out that states "if you wish to sponsor this cheerleader, you will recieve a tax deduction and the name of your company will be advertised within the gym."