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The Big Sha-Bang

When it comes time for dinner college students are hungry. Students want affordable dinners that will fill them up before they go out partying. This enchilada recipe is sure to fill students up, and at a cheaper cost than most take-out resturants. El Paso's recipe makes 6 enchiladas so there is sure to be enough food for a friend or for leftovers. To make El Paso's enchilada dinner it costs about $10. To get 6 tacos from Moe's Southwest Grill it would cost about $19.

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Heat oven to 400 degrees. Cut chicken into 1/2-inch pieces. Melt maragine in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook until no longer pink. Stir in water and seasoning mix. Cook uncovered for 4 to 8 minutes. Grease pan and fill each tortilla with chicken filling; roll up. Place opening down in the pan. Pour enchilada sauce and cheese over the enchiladas. Cover pan with foil and bake 20 to 25 minutes

Source: El Paso