Let's Grow!

Materials and procedures for building your garden.

Let's Get Started!

Now that you know the benefits of growing your own vegetables in an at-home garden, let's get yours started. Here's a list of materials, procedures and tips to get you growing.



1. Designate the space in your yard where you want your garden to be. It should be an area that gets six hours of direct sunlight per day.

2. Loosen up the soil in that area with the garden hoe or rake.

3. Build your garden bed by using your three-inch nails to attach the pieces of 2 by 4. There should be three nails at each corner with the four-foot pieces marking the width of the bed and the eight-foot pieces marking the length of the bed.

4. Empty all of the soil to the inside of the bed and even it out. There should be a couple inches of wood left standing above the soil level. (You may not use all of your soil.)

5. Use your small shovel to dig holes about six inches deep. Plant your seeds or small plants at least one foot apart from one another (depending on the adult size of the plant) and in rows.

6. Water regularly, and have fun watching your garden grow! (Water at least once a day. Seeds need lots of attention!)

Tips for Growing

Here are a few extra helpful hints while tending to your garden.

Check out these videos from the National Gardening Association for some extra help and suggestions about starting a vegetable garden at home