Materials Needed

The materials needed to brew homemade wine can often be found around the home. However, you made need to take a quick trip down to the local grocery, hardware, and/or brew shop to get everything you'll need to make a quality batch. The good news, you can get everything for very cheap. The price of the products and ingredients all together are cheaper than most individual bottles of actual wine. The best part? Once you get the materials to make an effective carboy, you can start making quality wine for the price of juice or fruit!

The materials you'll need will be: materials

  1. 1 five-gallon bucket (local hardware store)
  2. 1 air lock (local brew store)
  3. non-toxic water tight glue or sealant (local hardware store)
  4. 4 gallons of red grape juice (local grocery)
  5. 1 lb bag of sugar (local grocery)
  6. 1 packet of wine yeast (local brew store)
  7. dish soap (local grocery)
  8. stove
  9. 1 pot