Step 1

It's easier than it looks...

The first step to solving your Rubik's Cube is to get a single face done. I personally like to start on white, so all of my examples will go based on solving that face first. To solve the first face, choose the pieces to turn based on the center cubie. For example, if you're holding the cube with the logo situated upright, the center cubie facing you will be blue. Find the edge cube that somewhere in the puzzle that is blue and white and move it so it is between the logo and the blue center cubie. Repeat for orange/white, green/white and red/white.

Once you have done that, it should make a white cross on the top face. Now look at the corner cubies and try to find the cubes that are white and the two colors that are on either side. Do this for white/red/blue, white/blue/orange, white/orange/green, white/green/red.

Time to move on to Step 2!