Florida's Museum of History is one of a kind

Did you know...?

Inside Apalachee Council House
This is part of the early Florida history exhibit at the Museum of Florida History.
  1. There is an exhibit displaying work from the “Florida Highwaymen,” a group of 26 African-American artists who used bright colors to depict landscapes in the early 1950s through the 1980s. The museum has a piece of work from 23 out of the 26 painters.
  2. There were never any dinosaurs in Florida. In prehistoric times, there were some animals like giant armadillos and wholly mammoths in Florida, but there were no dinosaurs.
  3. A skeleton of a giant mastondon recovered from Wakulla Springs is reconstructed and on display at the museum.
  4. Annual events include Children’s Day and the Capital City Quilt Show.
  5. The 3rd Thursday of every month the museum stays open later, till 8 p.m., to give visitors who never were able to come to the museum because of time an opportunity to come see the museum.
  6. The museum has a grandma’s attic where kids can play with a multitude of items that have been donated to the museum. These range from old clothes, to a typewriter to a rocking horse.

For more information call 850-245-6400 or visit Museum of Florida History website.