Mission San Luis Florida Historic Capital Museum

Tallahassee is the place to be to explore culture and history.

I honestly have never heard someone say those words about my hometown. I have lived in Tallahassee for my entire life, and if it were not for legislation and colleges, the city would have no real need for the many hotels it has.

Though session and football bring people into a city that most do not deem as a good vacation spot, there are several hidden treasures in the capital city that exemplify the area. As small as Tallahassee is for a capital city, it has museums that vary widely giving visitors a complete sense of the culture and past of the state and the people that live in the area.

I have featured three of those museums, so visitors who have extra time, and even residents who were unaware of the museums’ existence, can see that Tallahassee does in fact have hidden treasures that can enlighten any day. The three museums I covered were the Museum of Florida History, Mission San Luis and the Florida Historic Capital Museum.

So, click on one of the photographs to explore a site, and see what a small city has to offer. The museums provide a chance to see into the core of a culture.

Museum of Florida History