Layout Walkthrough

Recreating a layout in InDesign.

sample layout
walkthrough step 1
Fig. 1 - Place the photograph

Open a new two-page document and place the full-size image file on the spread.

walkthrough step 2
Fig. 2 - Placing the elements

Add all of the elements to the spread. Find out the font(s) used (Tw Cen MT, in this case) and roughly replicate the headline.

walkthrough step 3
Fig. 3 - Placeholder text

Create the text box for the body text and fill it with placeholder text. Size it and change the font size.

walkthrough step 4
Fig. 4 - Set fonts, adjust placement

Arrange the objects. Guidelines are helpful but usually not necessary.

walkthrough step 5
Fig. 5 - Normal mode

Tweak the arrangement of the objects until everything looks right.

walkthrough step 5
Fig. 6 - Finished

Switch out of Normal mode into Preview mode to double check the layout. Save your work. It's done!

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