Table Setting
Fork Protocol

Tricky Foods

Soup: Spoon soup starting from the closest bowl edge and move away from you. A childish rhyme to help you remember this is: "As all ships go out to sea, I spoon my soup away from me." Remember to not slurp or place the entire spoon in your mouth.

Peas (and other hard to handle items): Use the knife or a piece of food on your plate to help the peas onto your fork.

Pasta: Twirl spaghetti around your fork and use a spoon to help if needed. It is also perfectly fine to cut pasta using a knife and fork.

Clams and Oysters: Lift the clam with your oyster fork while you hold the shell in your left hand.

Sushi: Eat the whole roll at once. Unless the sushi is just too big to eat in one bite, once you have something on your fork you generally should finish it.