The Quest for the Perfect Record Player Setup

You want a record player, but which one is worth the money and how do you even set one up? This website will be your guide to purchasing and setting up the right turntable for you. Or maybe you donít think record players are relevant in the 21st century and you need some convincing. Why would anyone want to drop $200 on an entry-level record player and then have to adjust equalization settings and the cartridge just for it to sound right when you can buy an iPod and headphones for the same price? If youíre asking yourself that you are not alone and you have probably not listened to a good record player.

Audiophiles will not argue against the ease of usability with digital audio devices such as mp3 players and CDs. They will satisfy most ears, but for the people who want to take their aural experience to the next level, a record player is a key investment.

When buying anything you have to consider price. The extremely high-end record players can range from $10,000 - $90,000. Unless those record players can teleport the band Iím listening to into my living room I think Iíll stick to the less prohibitively expensive turntables. Let this website be your guide! Contact: Evan Richmond, evalrichmond(at)