Racism in Advertising

While these advertisements may seem blatantly racist today, each and every one of them was published in either a newspaper or magazine. Imagine how these people felt when viewing these ads. Would you buy these products?


This next ad is sad. The well-dressed white child is asking the young black girl why her mother doesn't wash her with fairy soap. The image gives the impression that those who don't use fairy soap are dirty and impoverished, as conveyed through the use of a black child. The ad shows a complete disregard for the feelings of different races, which sadly reflects the racial sentiments of the time.

"I think that in some cases it was lack of sensitivity, and in other cases it was lack of care," said Dr. Morris, an Advertising professor at UF.

A more humorous way to present similar statistics


At first glance, you can't even tell what this ad is promoting. It shows a young, African American boy eating fried chicken, a food stereotypically correlated with this race. Take special notice to the headline of the ad where it reads, 'Yo' next range should be a General Electric!' The product has little to do with fried chicken and improper English, so why is it there?


This ad basically dehumanizes those of other races. In attempts to persuade buyers to buy their product, they show that the only man who doesn't want the product is someone from a different race and culture.