burger and drink combo menu at Kraze Burger in Daegu, South Korea pizza bread in South Korea

Western Food

Italy Italy

Corporations from the West have completely invaded Korea for better or worse.

That being said, certain foods do not translate. Spaghetti sauce is usually one of these things. There was only one place called Italy Italy or Italy and Italy that my friends introduced me to in Daegu that became by best comfort food friend.

Menu at Italy and Italy in Daegu, South Korea


Though I'm not sure sausage completely translates either, the brunches at Helvetica in Deagu are awesome and the salads are pretty darn good too.

Directions: Take a cab to Samduk Sabang So. Take the main street that is in between 7-11 and the fire station. Make the first left. Walk for two or three blocks. Your destination will be on the right. Helvetica is across the street from a student dormitory.


There are a variety of bakeries, usually modeled after the French patisserie. These are a great resource for a great, simple meal. Breads range from thing to thick, savory to sweet to plain. One of the most common is Paris Baguette.

And More

Diversity in the food department is most likely to be found in Seoul. They have a Taco Bell, which was big news to English teachers for the entire summer I was there.