entrance to a Bulguksa Temple in South Korew entrance to Haeinsa Temple in South Korea


I visited two amazing temples during my stay. There are many, many more. The history and serenity of these places are amazing, especially considering some are 1,500 years old.

Bulguksa Temple

This temple was established in 535 and is one of the most important Korean historical sites.

Not only does it feature beautiful Silla architecture and very moving Buddhist features, the surrounding countryside is immensely beautiful.

I would highly recommend getting a tour, as the guides are a wealth of information. Also, visit the nearby Korean folk village for a demonstration of traditional pottery and handmade paper techniques.

Bulguksa Temple is easily reached by bus. From either Daegu or Busan, I would say it takes about an hour or an hour and half to reach.

Haeinsa Temple

This temple is located in the Gaya Mountains and houses a complete copy of wood-carved Buddhist scriptures known as the Triptaka Koreana.

Its rural location allows for a longer, meandering hike near waterfalls and streams before arriving at the sacred buildings.

There is also a nearby visitors village with hotels for small groups and bungalows for large groups. You'll also find a convenience store, a bus stations and an eatery or two.