small waterfall on Palgongsan mountain in South Korea trail at the top of Palgongsan mountain near Daegu, South Korea


Number 1: I am not ultra athletic. Number 2: As a tourist on foot, I was getting plenty of exercise walking five to ten miles a day.

The reason I mention this is that I only went hiking once and so can only mention one hiking location. Please do not let this lead you to believe that Korea is not a hiking country because it completely is.

A simple web search will give you much more information. Try starting with Hike Korea.


Palgonsan is a mountain located northeast of Daegu with an elevation of 1,192 meters. The longest trail is about 9 km.

view of Daegu, South Korea from Palgongsan mountain

There are a few nice sites where you can rest near streams and small waterfalls.

A taxi or bus to the Gunwi Bus Terminal are probably the best way to access the hiking trails.

I think it's a steep trail, so pace yourself and bring water or your sports drink of choice. Also, I didn't notice any bathrooms.