view from plane clothes hanging on a drying rack entrance to a love hotel in Seoul, Korea

Getting There

Booking Your Flight

Deciding when and how long to visit Korea is the hard part. If you can, visit during autumn or spring when the weather is mild and beautiful. Korean winters are cold, and Korean summers are hot, but both still have much to offer.

Booking international flights has been made ridiculously easy thanks to the internet. Because it is so simple, it has also become easy to forget vital pre-trip things like renewing or finding your passport. So, don't do that.


The longer your visit, the better. But lugging heavy bags sucks.

I've tried to include some tips on how to bring what you need but also save your back.


If you are lucky, you will have some friends teaching English in Korea who have a couch with your name on it.

If not, there are many options from game rooms to hostels to hotels.