Travel Search Engines

There are many travel search engines that aggregate flight details and prices in one convenient location. My favorite at the moment is KAYAK.

KAYAK travel search engine home page

I would recommend checking the My Dates are Flexible box because prices can vary quite a bit depending on which day of the week you choose to fly.

My Dates are Flexible box

Another cool thing about KAYAK is this neat little price-comparing calendar.

KAYAK price comparison calendar

Airports in South Korea

South Korea has a healthy number of airports, as you can see below.

list of airports in South Korea

Keep in mind that if you are staying in a smaller city, even if it does have an airport, it may be cheaper to fly into a bigger or busier hub and take a train, subway or taxi to your final destination.

A good plan of attack is to compare the dates and prices of flights for several airports to find the best deal and most direct flight.