alley in the Insadong neighborhood of Seoul street art in the Dongdaemun neighborhood
	of Seoul


Most of the art I experinced in Korea was in Seoul. That is not to say that there are not other opportunities for art in other places, but it may tend toward the historical or folk art styles. For more modern fare, Seould is your best bet.

The Insadong Neighborhood

This is Seoul's art gallery hub.

Its quaint, attractive walking streets are home to an amazing variety of modern and traditional art. Book stores and stationery shops abound, and there are also plenty of tea shops and restaurants.

Try to avoid going on a Monday as many of the galleries and museums will be closed.

Insadong can be reached by local bus lines. The nearest subway stops are Jonggak Station (purple line 5), Jongno Station (blue line 1, purple line 5, orange line 3), and Anguk (orange line 3).

Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park

Even though this facility is scheduled for completion in 2011 and I visited in 2010, the architecture is pretty awesome and some galleries are open. There are also street sculptures that have been completed.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza architectural

The green design is built into the urban landscape in a way that looks as though the ground is blooming. They also had a pretty rad Rolling Stone exhibit.

The design plaza has its own subway stop located on blue line 4, purple line 5 and green line 2.