In this video, the company Dove is using the visual of mature naked women to add to their credibility.In this is a commercial for anti-aging cream, the women are icons with which the intended audience can identify with. Dove is portaying it's self as the only company with a credible product, since it is the only company not combating aging but catering to it.


This commercial for Target's new line of clothing, is not offering you a product but a feeling. The video is selling you the expirience of rebellion; it's freedom,coolness,and sexiness without any of its danger.

The appeal to emotion or expirience is widely used in advertisements of modern times. These visuals use old motifs to offer us the desirable parts of an expirience. In his documentary John Berger explored how modern ads appeal to our emotions and expirences or lack thereof.


This anti-drunk driving commercial relies on the logic of its analogy to persude the audience. The minimal use of auditory and textual information make the message seem much more obvious. The index of the glasses make it clear to the audience that the subject matter is drunk driving.