Visual Rhetoric in Everyday Life

These two documentaries explain the role of visual rhetoric in the process of design. The documentary "Objectified" is about the process of material design while "Helvetica is about font design.

Taking a closer look

According to Professor Sidney Dobrin from the University of Florida, visual rhetoric has always been around, it has just become more obvious. What has madeis effect more obvious now than before because of the instant avaliabilty of images through screens.The development of these new technologies has made it possible to mass produce, mass relicate, internationally publish, and constantly consume visuals. This means that we have become more aware of the visuals that surround us by the shear amount and avaliablity of them. Objectified explores this by taking us into the design process and showing us how behind every visual choice there was an intent, and why there is that intent

In a simalar way Helvetica shows us how we now see letters as a form of drawing. With the development of numerous typefaces, we have redefined what we consider "drawing" or "image." Now we see that just how drawing and images were used throughout time to perform certain functions; font, ways of writing also have certain functions.