Warped Wheels

Maybe you closed your wheel in a trunk, banged it on a curb or whacked it against a pole. Either way, it's bent and hard to ride on. Here, Paul shows you how to make your wheels straight and ridable again.

What you'll need

  • A spoke wrench
  • Something to hold your wheel
  • A good eye
  • The Steps

    Once you have the wheel propped up, give it a spin. When you see that wobble, stop the wheel and look at the bend closely to see how wide it is in the rim.

    Then, grab your spoke wrench and tighten the spokes on the opposite side from the direction the rim is bending. Remember: it's lefty tighty and righty loosey. Tighten the spokes to they pull the rim back into place.

    Give your rim another spin to see if it's in true. If it's not, keep adjusting. Truing takes practice.