Tired Tires

Anyone who's ever had a bike knows the sinking feeling of a flat tire. Chances are you've changed one or two. Here's a quicker way to do it.

What you'll need

  • A tire lever
  • An appropriately sized innertube
  • The Steps

    After you take your rim off your bike, slip your tire lever betwween the rim and the bead. The bead is the thick end of the tire that tucks under the rim to hold in the innertube. Pry the bead out of the rim and slide the lever around the rest of the rim to untuck the rest of the bead.

    Once you have the rest of the bead out, find your valve stem and pull it out of the rim. This should leave your innertube to pull out.

    Check your innertube for puncture holes or anything lodged in it. Run your fingers along the inside of your tire to check for the same problems. Do this slowly. Anything that can puncture your tire will sail right through your skin if you're not careful. If you find anything here, pull it out of your tire. Throw away the flat tube.

    Inflate your new tube just enough to give it shape. Fit the valve stem through its hole and tuck the rest of the innertube under the tire.

    Using your thumbs and a little pressure. Push the bead back under the rim's edge all the way around the wheel.

    All that's left is to inflate your tire and put it back on your bike.