Shoddy Shifters

Shifters can be a pain. When you're riding up a hill, and clicking madly into a higher gear but get nothing, only to have your bike run through it's gears five minutes later...blame them. Here, Paul shows you how to adjust your cables to keep your bike from ghost shifting.

What you'll need

  • A small Phillip's head screwdriver
  • An Alan wrench
  • The Steps

    First, use your alan wrench to loosen your shifter cable. Then, locate your upper- and lower-end screws on the back of your derailleur. The upper-end screw should be toward the back of your bike and the lower-end screw should be closest to the front.

    Using your thumb, push your derailleur in toward the spokes of the wheel. If your chain skips off the highest cog and into your spokes, tighten your upper-end screw until the derailleur prevents your chain from doing so.

    Take your thumb off the derailleur and give the pedals a spin. If your chain tries to hop off the smallest cog, tighten your lower-end screw until it prevents the chain from doing so.

    Reattach your cable, and give your shifter a few click-throughs.