Bad Brakes

You've had your bike for a while, and you notice you're not stopping like you used to. That's probably a sign that your brakes need adjustment, or it's time for new brake cables. Here, Paul shows you how to make those adjustments.

What you'll need

  • Brake cables
  • An Alan wrench
  • The Steps

    If you have quick release brakes, lock them down on to the wheel so the brake pads are touching the rim. Now, you'll probably notice that they don't lie flat against the rim.

    Use your alan wrench to loosen the pads and move them until they lie flat and follow the rim's contour. Don't forget to tighten them back.

    With the brake still locked, use your alan wrench again to losen the brake cable. Then, using your fingers, pull the cable through the brake until it's taught. Tighten the bolt back on the cable to hold it in place.

    Loosen your brake's quick release lever.