Applying for scholarships can sometimes be an intimidating task. The tips on this page will help you in your mission of obtaining money for college.

Tips for searching for scholarships

If you are applying as a college freshman, you must first think long and hard about what major you will choose. There are many scholarships exlusive to students in particular majors. Some fields of study have a bounty of scholarships waiting to be collected. Other majors might be more limited in scholarship opportunities.

Also, Your local library most likely has a copy of the Scholarship Handbook. Get it. This handbook is probably one of the most useful resources for locating scholarships.

Use as many official channels as possible. While it is easy to simply use Google to locate scholarship opportunities, not all of the results will be worth your time. Many sites yielded by a Google search are simply just an attempt to obtain your e-mail address for spamming purposes. That is not to say ignore the internet completely, though it is not reccomended that you put all of your faith in Google.

So, what kinds of "official channels" do you have at your disposal? Quite a few, actually.

If you are a Florida student, check with the Florida Department of Education. See what kinds of information they can give you regarding scholarships- it will likely be very helpful.

Finally, check with your institution. Most college scholarships are disbursed by the institutions themselves. Chances are, somebody in your college or university can help you locate some form of scholarship you are eligible for.

The bottom line is this: Where there is a will, there is a way. If you wisely and actively seek out scholarships, you will most likely find something to help with the steep tuition of modern higher-education.

Tips for maximizing you chance of getting a scholarship

So now you've found a couple of promising scholarships. Finding them is one thing. Getting them is another.

In this video, I will give some tips on how to most effeciently maximize your chances of getting the scholarships you apply for

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