Florida Bright Futures could face changes

April 19,2011

The Florida Bright Futures scholarship is incredibly popular in the state of Florida. The GPA and SAT score requirements are forgiving, meaning a large number of people qualify. In fact, over half a million students have recieved help from the Bright Futures Program. That may all change soon, however.

The Florida Legislature has proposed changes to the Bright Futures Program, due to the financial burden of keeping it afloat.

Bright Futures began in 1997, and its hefty price tag of $70 million was paid for with the Florida Lottery. Due to the massive popularity of the program, the cost has skyrocketed.

In order to reduce the cost of keeping the program alive, the Florida Legislature has proposed raising the minimum SAT and ACT scores and GPA needed to qualify- which could save the state $20 million.

Lawmakers have also proposed an income threshold, disqualifying students whose family earns above a certain amount.

These proposals probably won't be popular, but lawmakers in Tallahassee claim that something must be done about the program's cost.


Pepsi Refresh Project giving away $5000 scholarships

April 19,2011

Pepsi is giving away $5000 scholarships as part of its "Pepsi Refresh Project"

Pepsi Refresh Project website

In total, there are 10 scholarships available

To enter for a chance to win the $5000 scholarship, find the Pepsi Refresh Project display at Ultra Foods or Strack and Van Til stores, and grab an application.

For more information, see the official Pepsi Refresh Project Website.

Palm Beach County, FL, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announces 2011 Triunfo! scholarship winners

April 19,2011

The Palm Beach County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has announced the winners of the 2011 Triunfo! Scholarship.

The winners are: Ana Lidia Lopez, Ivette J Lopez, Yairen Abreu, Aline Louise Yonezawa, Olivia Dolores Plana, David Anthony Bicknell, and Brenda Escutio.

In total, seven students will recieve the award at the 14th Annual Triunfo! Awards banquet which will be held on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 6:00 p.m at the Frenchmanís Reserve Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

The Triunfo! awards seek to honor the 'best and brightest" members of the Hispanic community in Palm Beach county.

Over a five year period, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has raised $60,000 for Hispanic students. The 2011 scholarships total $14,500 in all.

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